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Invest In the evergreen Durian Plantation!

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Crowned the King of the King of Fruits, and even named the “Hermès” of durians, Musang King is adored across Asia for its superior flavour.

“Since China is already importing durians from Thailand, it’s just a matter of time that the superior Malaysian durians, fruits and agricultural products can be brought into China via Alibaba and enjoyed by the people of China.” – Jack Ma, Sin Chew Daily, 19 June 2018 

There are hundreds of durian breeds in Malaysia, but none can hold a candle to the Musang King when it comes to popularity and demand in China. In 2011, Malaysia signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with China, agreeing to export frozen durians to the latter. At least 2,000 metric tonnes of durians have been exported to China annually in recent years, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture.

We are a new Singapore-Malaysia agricultural company started by a group of professionals with extensive experience in durian business and plantation management. 

With a 1,000-acre new durian plantation in Pahang, the land of durians, we specialize not just in the cultivation of durians, but in the exportation, trade and retail of this magnificent fruit as well. 

Our goal is to elevate the durian industry to a whole new level and create a complete agroecosystem.

We are currently looking for investors to join us in this exciting venture and grow together with us in the Durian industry!

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