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News & Job Portal Magazine Website For Sale (Free Domain & Hosting)

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Asking Price: £250
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  • Established 2008
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Reason For Sale

We are expert in building & selling new business


You are buying a 100% ready news website with exceptional features. This is a two in one website because it combines news website and job portal website into one website hence giving your website a very unique feature. It is like having 2 webites. You will get one of the world best of this type of service with us. You do not need any prior technical experience in order to be successful in this business.

This is an opportunity to start an internet based profitable business & get financial freedom. In addition, having a news website like www.fnewsus.com is honorable, prestigious and commands respect for you among your peers and in the society at large.

Manage your own online News Magazine, post your information and share with your visitors, also monetize the site with advertise, Adsense or any other affiliate banner.

After you must have put everything in place and with commitment and seriousness, you could be making over ten thousand USD per month from Google alone (we will show you a similar website that is already making an average of twenty-five thousand USD per month from Google alone).

Success in life requires hard work and dedication, so this is for serious minded individuals who are ready to be adding posts occasionally to their websites or engage us or any other persons to do it for them. We advise you not to be deceived by those selling websites that will automatically update itself because such websites will never rank high in Google because it will contain a lot of duplicate information & articles.

You are in the right place to purchase your news website from highly experience professionals who are ready to support for free work with you to attain success.


There are many ways to make money from news website.

A. Google AdSense - High paying keywords of this site will add good amount of money in your income. News Category are selected in such a way that Google will place high paying adverts which will generate revenue for you.
B. Click Bank- You will make commission on clickbank products. This news website has various hot category (Business, Sports, etc). So, you will have wide option to put clickbank ads like SEO, Internet Marketing, Sports or whatever you want.
C. Any Ads Network- Recognized any other Ads Network will add another extra revenue flow to your income.
D. Amazon Store - You have option to create Amazon Store Page. This amazon store with various categories will fetch you some income.

· A professional news website looking like www.fnewsus.com
· Your website will be mobile friendly like www.fnewsus.com which means it can appear good on phones, pads and tablets including both laptop & desktop computers.
· FREE complete premium theme website.
· FREE translation tool for 5 major languages.
· Your website will come with a global Job Portal at no extra cost to you
· Apart from the news of any country you may wish to target, your website will come with a section dedicated to world news with divisions fo all the continents in the world.
· FREE “Killer Designed Theme”- This Makes People Get Attracted and Trust You
· FREE After Sales Support
· FREE website hosting for 1 year. Your website will run on high capacity sever with powerful processors making your pages to open at very fast speed acceptable to Google for high ranking


· Make payment for the website
· Send email to help@glicts.com and tell us the domain name you want us to use for your website (check on www.godaddy.com and confirm that your domain name has not been taken before you send us the mail). If you do not know how to check for domain name availability, then you can send us 3 domain names in order of preference.
· We will register your domain for 1 year with the world leadingg domain registrar (godaddy.com) at our cost, so this registration is FREE for you. Most of our competitors will register you with low quality domain registrars that are not in the class of godaddy.
· We will make your website live and send you necessary information within 24 hours after domain registration. Note: You can run/operate your website from any countries of the world.
· We will provide you hosting service (for your website files) for FREE for 1 year.
· Free server support and availability and maintenance for 1 year

· We do not sell any files, our service is Website Hosting & Design
· Intangible product (like our website service) returns are not acceptable.
· Before you buy this service make sure look at similar website (www.fnewsus.com) because you will get an excellent website like that.
· Pictures of your website running on your domain name is the proof of service delivery.

Hurry now and get one of the best news websites available in the world. We have limited spaces on our high performing servers, so buy yours today before the spaces are filled up.

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