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SOLD!!!--Online Retailer With Good Net Profit And Massive Growth (David 91455466)


Asking Price: S$800,000
  • Premise Type N/A Premise Size 3000sqft
  • Monthly Rental S$3,400 Rental Desposit S$6,800***
  • Revenue S$1,600,000 Cash Flow S$200K - 500K
  • Gross Profit S$470,000 Net Profit S$115,000
  • Stock S$300,000*** Liability N/A
  • Payable N/A Receivable N/A
  • FFE S$50,000*** Established 2014
  • Owner Role Full Time Staff 7
  • * Revenue, Gross Profit, Net Profit, Cash Flow are based on Annual average
  • ***Not inlcude in the selling price
David ECD RICH Pte Ltd
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Reason For Sale

Due to family commitments, owner has to return to USA.


Why do business owners love me?


I will protect your investment in the business by placing the proper value on your business, finding the right buyer, getting you the best price possible, protecting the confidentiality of the sale, handling all negotiations, ensuring that all transactions are legal, and seeing that the transition to new ownership is as wrinkle-free as possible.


1.   Pre-screening buyers for you: I can weed out the so-called "shoppers" from the serious buyers. I will also ensure that news of the sale remains confidential, that loyal customers, staff, vendors and suppliers find out only when you're ready to let them know.

2.   Marketing your business well: I know how to price a business and can upsell the business's horn in a way you might not be able to.

3.   Negotiating: This is where I earn my keep. One of my key functions is to act as a cushion between the buyer and the seller and negotiate the details of the deal at a time when emotions can, and do, run high. And, get my client (owner) the best price possible!

4.   Assisting with paperwork: If needed, I will coordinate efforts between lawyers, CPAs, bankers, insurance agents and others to complete the transaction in a timely and professional manner.


Why do business buyers love me?


1.   Prescreening businesses for you. I will turn down many of the businesses either because the seller won't provide full financial disclosure or because the business is overpriced.

2.   Helping you pinpoint your interests. I will find out about your skills and interests, then help you select the right business for you. You may discover that an industry you had never considered is the ideal one for you.

3.   Negotiating. This is when I really earn my keep. I help both parties stay focused on the ultimate goal and smooth over problems. And, get my client (buyer) the best price possible!

4.   Assisting with paperwork.


Simply put: whether you are a business seller or buyer, as your broker I will ALWAYS put your interests first and get you the best price possible!



Business Operation

Office hours: Mon-Fri. Online sales/Delivery team rotate to ensure all days are covered
Business Hour
Expanding into regional and global markets in 2016. Tying up with numerous sales platforms: Amazon, Groupon UK, Woot US, Souq Dubai, Snap Deals India, etc Company's own proprietary website has been set up and ready for launch.
Expansion Potential

Property Information

Premise Status
Until Nov 2018
Lease Term
Good sized office cum studio cum warehouse with 3m high ceiling
Premises Details
Yes, it can relocate to other place
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